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A teaser from volume three of 'Sexual Reminisces'

The art of seductive powers!

Title: That Day

I knocked the door and I was faced with a friendly attractive lady,

‘Hiya,’ she said, ‘ please tell me you're here to repair my boiler it's performing very lazy’

Surprisingly she was wearing a skimpy nighty, stockings and a pair of high heels-

More to the point, her perfect figure enhanced her sex appeal.

‘Yes love I have,’ I replied, she guided me to her lounge and finished her tea-

And the fact that she had no bra on under her clothes was clear to see.

As she enquired what I was doing, she proceeded to caress my shoulder,

Then she walked over to her coffee table, crouched down and bent over.

Guess what? I discovered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear,

Her valley was fat and fleshly; I couldn’t help myself but stand in shock and stare.

She turned to me and said: ‘....................

What happened? Sexual Reminisces reveals the rest!

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