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Good day my friends, my name is Rare Diamond. I am a director, poet and I am currently employed as a personal development and relationship consultant for Through knowledge gain power Ltd. 


I was born and raised in south London. I am the proud mother of five children, nine grandchildren and the author of 23 unpublished books. In addition I have skills in the following subjects: Public speaking, Project management, Programme designing, Trading, Childcare and Hairdressing. For the past 25 years I have used some of these skills to manage a variety of relationship services, personal development projects, workshops and mentoring sessions.


In 2009 I decided to set up a permanent base to offer support for the general, public this led me to begin Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd which is a none profitable personal development and relationship advice service. In the meantime, I continued to study relationships and explore the dynamics that nurtures a loving bond; as such I continued to gain insight. I recognized that many individuals do not realize the reality that relationships, family life and emotions are fast wired; regardless how you juggle them around the outcome remains the same, you cannot separate them. This inspired me to create and deliver additional programmes, presentations and workshops. These resources focus on exploring the art of boundaries, they dissect the dynamics required to maintain a productive relationship and include tools to manage emotions and improve life skills.




So then, as a personal development and relationship consultant why did I become an author of a sex book?


I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted to utilise ALL tools available to me. As a poet I have stacks of poetry conveying a variety of subjects as I use poetry to educated and express the thoughts of others. As a relationship consultant naturally my poetic omnibus included sexual poems and eventually my little album of funny and raunchy poetic messages grew into another manuscript. Spontaneously my stories formed a mini fan club. Before long friends, colleagues and even a few clients began to contribute their stories too. I transformed these stories and adventures into poetic narratives and the book began to form. As the book grew friends relentlessly urged me to publish these stories to the general public, I was somewhat tempted but I was working on another plan.


I was in the midst of publishing my relationships and feelings manual, at the time I was torn between a rock and a hard place; which book should I publish first? A poetry book for entertainment filled with adventures or my relationship advice book, I contemplated the realities before me. Many relationship advisors publish their works, therefore it could be a rocky challenge to battle for a successful result as an unheard of author. Then again did I really want to be affiliated with sex stories as my first topic and risk a subject of this nature sticking to my name?


Nonetheless, the reality is intimate relationships often involves sexual intimacy; I also needed to reach out to a wide audience to attract the public eye as a new author, what better area to draw attention more than the art of sex? Consequently I decided to compile a relationship book with a unique twist, incorporating entertainment, advice and fun by means of the stories and the raunchy experiences obtained from both friends and clients over the years. I believe this is what constitutes a complete relationship support kit. With this in mind I selected captions from my 'Relationship and Feeling Manual' and combined them with 100 poetic adventures, and 'Sexual Reminisces' was born. Many testimonies have endorsed the 'Sexual Reminisces' book as a useful tool, Now it is available for you to enjoy too.



Main interests:

•  Relationship counselling

•  Supporting public awareness

•  Coaching youths and their family

•  Assisting personal development

• Anthropology


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Sexual Reminisces is available to purchase, email me on the contact page to purchase your copy. 

Interested in personal development or relationship therapy? We are happy to assist. Keep The Fire Burning run a variety of workshops and services housed by Through knowledge gain power Ltd, a none-profitable personal development and relationship consultancy service.  For more information visit

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© 2014 Rare Diamond

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