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Posted on December 12th 2015

Maintaining a productive relationship

Your background, abilities and emotional state of mind will have an impact in many areas of your life, with this in mind one must take into account that each and every one of us are individuals with unique perceptions, experiences and journeys, as such when formulating a relationship one must accept that there may be a variety of differences to face. Factors such as accustomed culture, age, childhood environment and race helps to shape an individual’s personality and traits. Evaluation requires insight, co-operation and tolerance to some degree. However, when two people are already likeminded and maintain mutual respect naturally the potential quality of the relationship is likely to be enhanced.

Circumstances have an impact on relationships too, for example if you are involved in a relationship and live in your parents home your financial obligations is likely to be less demanding. In contrast if you are responsible for overheads such as rent/mortgage ect and you are a parent on a minimum wage this could also tip the scales against you in terms of available finances.

Compare the chart below

The method outlined in chart above can be adapted and used to evaluate other aspects that may have an impact on your relationship too.

Compare these examples below:

  • A physically charged person + a partner with a sluggish driving force; likely potential for this setting = additional challenges

  • A highly intelligent person + an uninformed partner; likely potential for this setting = additional challenges

  • An optimistic person + a partner with pessimistic view towards life; likely potential for this setting = additional challenges

Regardless of differences without doubt you and your partner can support each other to address challenges providing values, needs and wellbeing are mutually sustained too. It’s not about trying to change a person’s character but about managing your values, boundaries and how you choose to interact with your partner. In any case, when you are dealing with a complicated or delicate situation, it is essential to learn to master the art of persuasion. On the same token don’t bombard or suffocate your partner with words or relentless statements if you want your voice to be heard.

Here are a few tips for you.

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