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An extract from sexual Reminisces

Counsel heading: Different strokes for different folks.

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Useful advice

It is essential to recognise that each individual have unique erogenous zones. Therefore it is vital to be attentive and sense the body language of the participant. However, this can be explored or discovered through probing touches or simply asking your partner. Some people rely on their partner’s orgasm to grade the quality of their sexual performance. This can be misleading because for one thing some women fake it, besides some women don’t have orgasms yet they enjoy a great sex life. The important factor should be unified satisfaction, as such the question should be, did she enjoy her sexual experience? If the answer is yes then all is well, but if not don’t delay find out why.

Most individuals tend to have a healthy libido. But when there is a lack of emotion and active participation in your sexual performance, this often leads to boring and uninteresting sex. This state of affairs can often have a serious impact on a good relationship. So it is imperative to improve or enhance your sexual performance. Finding the balance between a spontaneous partner and one who is less engaging sexually is significant. This should be gauged by your own preference. Understanding the sexual psychology of your partner is crucial in all of this. Hence it is important to get to know your partner and their preferences before you become intimate. Discuss personal preferences and if required find a suitable compromise. Loyalty is another essential quality that promotes good relationships. What is the meaning of loyalty? To comply with boundaries, values, understanding and patience that complements the positive maintenance of a meaningful relationship.

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