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A taster from volume one of 'Sexual Reminisces'

A few tips for you

Have You Heard the Rant and Rave?

‘Have you heard the rant and rave?

About the chocolate eatable pants craze.

The enjoyment of using handcuffs,

And other things like sex enhancing musk.

Or, the new massaging oil designed to lubricate,

And apparently, using ‘Spanish Fly’ helps to accommodate.

I also discovered that the skilful usage of vibrators

Can generate orgasms which are real body shakers.

And that sexy toys and revealing underwear

Tends to add enhancement to your sexual affairs.

Some even like to be tied up or entertain the use of whips

To stroke or tease them on and around their bits.

Then there’s sex sugar or stud spray-

It really depends on which way one chooses to play.

But then again, some people prefer not to indulge-

They simply rely on nature to create an exciting bulge’.

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