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Faking it: Many women pretend to have an orgasm so their partner's feelings are not hurt

There are women who scream with eye-popping pleasure when they orgasm – but there are others who FAKE IT just so they can reach ecstasy.

Scientists claim pretending to enjoy sex can make intercourse more enjoyable, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Archives.

They found four motives that formed the Faking Orgasm Scale for Women.

It peaks at a conclusion that women were more likely to fake an orgasm to turn THEMSELVES on than to end sex.

The four motives are: Altruistic Deceit, faking orgasm out of concern for a partner’s feelings; Fear and Insecurity, faking orgasm to avoid negative emotions associated with the sexual experience; Elevated Arousal, a woman’s attempt to increase her own arousal through faking orgasm; and Sexual Adjournment, faking orgasm to end sex.

The bedroom boffins from Temple University and Kenyon College asked 481 heterosexual females – who were not in relationships – to indicate how much individual factors influenced their decision to fake orgasms.

Researchers found the most common reason for faking an orgasm was altruism because they did not want to hurt their partner’s feelings.

Erin Cooper, who co-authored the study, told The Huffington Post: “Deciding to fake orgasm for this motive may have little to nothing to do with a woman’s partner and his sexual experience.

“I view this strategy as one of the many ‘tools in the toolbox’ women may use to enhance their ownsexual experience.”


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