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A teaser from volume two of 'Sexual Reminisces'


Title: The Night Security

My friend said: ‘John my colleague Debbie really fancies you,

What’s more she is single and very sexy too.

She has had her eyes on you for quite a while,

Haven't you noticed, each time she see's you she gives you a sexy smile.’

A few weeks later one night there was a massive storm and the electric shut down,

Everyone had gone home and I thought there was no one around.

Then I heard a distressed lady’s voice say: ‘hello is anyone there?’

‘Yes' I replied, 'it’s John the security man, I’ll shine my touch so that you can follow the glare.’

To my surprize it was sexy Debbie walking towards me,

Looking much relived she said, ‘thank goodness it’s you; I could hear someone but I couldn’t see.’

I took her hand and lead her into my office and she made no attempt to decline,

In fact once we entered the room she wasted no time.

She said: ‘well John now that we are here in the dark we may as well have some fun,’

Then she grabbed…….

What happens? Sexual Reminisces reveals the rest.

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