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Sexual Performance.

Dear Peter.

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This message may seem harsh that I’m saying to you- But my dilemma has forced me to share my point of view. Honey, I love you to bits but your sexual performance sucks, And for ages I have been hoping for an improvement of luck.

But two year have passed and yet still no blinking change, Well, now I’m really fed up of waiting in vain. To be honest I’d probably faint or think you’re having some kind of fit. If you were to gently hold me or properly kiss me on my lips.

It is not normal for a man to make little or no effort to caress, Neither my boobs or anywhere else, I’m not impressed. What’s more, your body weight is over bearing when you’re on top, It is distracting and it interferes with my breathing spot.

Or you lie there dormant! leaving me to do all the work- And if you decide to take over, you usually hurt. Peter, it’s not about just thrusting you equipment in, Sex is meant to be a two-way pleasurable thing.

I’m confused as I observe you telling friends that you’re so great- But let me warn you, that lie, please don’t ever expect me to partake. Like I said, I love you to bits but truth be told we have no fun, And sexually, you’ve become a real lazy bum.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond

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