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Rare Diamond speaking at a motivational event.

at the Park view academy, North London.(March .2017) 


Rare Diamond sharing some important realities concerning modern day relationships, ethics and information based on one of her a survey showcased in the video below. The contents highlight qualities that men and women like to see in their potential partners, check it out.

Public announcement

Hi friends, due to circumstances beyond our control we have been forced to cancel our keep the fire burning meet and greet event. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.  Those who have purchased a ticket, please contact me for a full refund if required.  

Let's celebrate!

The Sexual Reminisce book has been out for nearly a year.


Keep the fire burning. 

Rare Diamond as a guest panellist at 'The Speakers club.'

I was invited to be a guest panellist to speak about loyalty, trust and betrayal. The event included a play on the subject matter and audience participation. You can view a portion of the event on my YouTube channel, just click the image above. I must say this event inspired me to create an additional platform to discuss relationships in depth, look out for further details. 

The Speakers Club Event


Subject matter Loyalty trust and betrayal.

Date: Sunday 22nd May 2016.

Venue: The Bernie Gant Art Centre Town Hall Approach Road Tottenham Green London N154RX.  

Time: 5pm-8pm.

Subject matter: Loyalty trust and betrayal.

I’d like to commend Jammers and his crew for providing a meaningful educational platform, the idea is awesome. And I say this because many folks have productive knowledge to share but they are apprehensive to speak in an audience setting, I’ve observed this many times. Jammer’s platform allows the attenders to come out of their shell and have a voice. Individuals can take in useful knowledge, they can practice and improve their speaking skills and their confidence too, this is a brilliant idea.  


As you know I’m all about improving relationships so I will be on the panel too, I am so looking forward to the discussion. Come and join us and share your views, looking forward to seeing you there.

Relationship Workshops.


We will be delivering relationship workshops

Date: 15th, 22nd and 29th of April 2016.

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm


For more details or to secure your slot please contact us using the contact page.

Our introduction 'Keep the fire burning' event for couples and singletons. 


A GREAT big thank you to all who attended our first 'Keep the fire burning' event for couples and singletons held at the 'Taste Buds Restaurant' Tottenham on February 13th 2016. The food was great, the association was awesome, attendees participated during the resentation and received their own signed copy of the 'Sexual Reminisces' relationship book to take home. Afterwards we mingled until well after 2am, we had such an awesome night.


Rare Diamond engaging in a discussion with her audience. 


The Sexual Reminsces Book table.


Some of the crowd enjoying their meal.

Sexual Reminsces editor James, AKA buzzin Bee and some of Rare Diamonds loyal team.

Colin the winner of the raffle posing with Rare Diamond.

Come and join us again.


Yes indeed we are holing another relationship workshop in July 2016. Those who attended the previous event expressed that the hospitality was fantastic and the event was a great success. I'm really looking forward to the next event, hope to see you there too.


For further information contact our office on 07940188964.

Coming soon, Keep the fire burining events.


Fed up of paying a bomb to have a decent night out? Well me too, clearly in terms of entertainment both couples and singletons face challenges. What is the knock on effect?

  • A lack of quality time can affect the quality of relationships

  • Extra bills/low wages/ students loans ect means that many find themselves financially limited.

  • We need more affordable mix and mingle parties for not only couples but singletons too.

I'd like to lend assitance to address these concerns, so I have created a low-cost night for you if you like good food, good quality entertaining and a romancing night geared to leave you in good spirit on the way home.


These events incorporate a glass of wine and a variety of exquisite Caribbean cuisines. Events include a short 'KEEP THE FIRE BURNING' presentation delivered by myself (Rare Diamond) followed by a dance for couples and Singles alike.


The idea is to provide a platform for likeminded people to meet and mingle. You can meet others looking for a solid relationship, strengthen your current relationship, access relationship advice or you can simply embrace the humour, association and entertainment.

All are welcome to join us


Goodbye 2015 welcome 2016


Thanks to all who participated in all our workshops throughout 2015. Another new year has arrived; be sure to embrace the good memories, during 2015 acknowledge your mistakes and learn from the experiences in order to grow my friends x.

Looking Back.


Just a quick thank you to all those who supported our workshops, presentations and services this year. Looking back we learned a great deal didn’t we. Look out for upcoming workshops throughout July-August 2016.

For more details or to secure your slot please contact us using the contact page.

Out with the old, in with the new. xx

The Sexual Reminisces book launch










Why did I write Sexual Reminisces?


There are so many reasons why I choose to write Sexual Reminisces, ironically my material began because I wrote a collection of funny and raunchy poetic messages weaved with advice for my partner. I’d share these stories with close friends, their response was uplifting; in fact many insisted that I compile a manuscript, as you can see eventually I took heed. Thereafter a few friends, family members, work colleagues and even clients volunteered to add their relationship experiences too. I must say recording the accounts was enlightening provoking and fun simultaneously. 
Meanwhile in terms of quantity my relationship advice clients began to surpass my person development clients; this permitted me to increase my knowledge about the dynamics of relationships a great deal more. I realized that portions of my material could be employed as a useful tool for my clients and personal development workshops, so I did. Almost spontaneously I began to assemble segments of my relationship information from my ‘Rare Diamond’s relationships and feelings manual’ and then I transformed my material into a manuscript; many clients endorsed it and reported that the advice improved their relationship.
I also wanted to drive the message home that relationships family life and emotions are inextricably linked; regardless how you juggle them around the outcome is the same.  After all relationships and family life will affect your emotions; family life and your emotions will affect your relationship; emotions and your relationship will ultimately affect your family life, you can’t separate them. As such I decided to take advantage of a potential platform to emphases the importance for one to assess and monitor their emotions, relationship and family life if they wish to manage these areas effectively.
Ultimately without intention, a collection of my poetic messages and advice created for my partner which began on leafs of paper and text messages grew to the point where it was transformed into a manuscript and in turn Sexual Reminisces was born.  Thereafter my passion grew to share these relationship tips and information with others; this inspired me to publish my book.




What a night! I must admit I was somewhat nervous to begin with, not knowing who if anyone would turn up let alone buy a book. Meanwhile my body was enduring the pressure as I maneuvered without my back support (my life line since I received a permanent injury back in 2005). Somehow I forgot to pack it in my bag, by the time I realized it was too late, I had to get on with it.  Evidently I survived the night!


I remember my whole body tingling, I was thinking, Whoop, Whoop, I’m finally here! Selling my relationship books, people are congregating and discussing the contents of the book in excitement and they are buying them too, Whoop! Whoop.

Rare Diamond with one of the editors for Sexual Reminisces


My best friend, client and advisor.

Rare Diamond with her host and floor manager 

I love these guys, they were among the team that kept me going even when I wanted to give up.

Book Signing 

Many were too shy to join this picture but here are few supporters and former clients who purchased a book on the night. Please note: I told them that I am going to tell, it took relentless persuasion to pin down this bunch for this footage; the others fled the bunch of chickens’ lol. (please excuse the poor image quality x)

Book Sales

Celebrating at the after party

Rare Diamond with one of her clients 

At this point I was entering my second day without sleep evidentially I was absolutely exhausted but my emotions were still flying high in delight.

Team members  

Here are a few of my soldiers who work relentlessly by my side to support a good cause.

As a personal development and relationship advisor I have written many books besides ‘Sexual Reminisces’. However, it’s been a long journey to reach to this point and at times the road has been taxing mentally, physically and financially. But here I am, beginning to reap the benefits of my sacrifices and it is so worth it.  I feel proud, fortunate and grateful that I have finally achieved another one of my pressing lifelong ambitions; to publish relationship advice books assigned to its unique class. This particular book focuses on the intimate and emotional elements connected to relationships and sex; it also incorporates humour, excitement and real-life stories with a poetic twist. My intention is to contribute towards positive progress and lend support by providing information and problem solving techniques to assist couples and singletons alike.

Sexual Reminisces Book Launch.


Venue: CAFO Community Centre


Address: 40 Northwood Road, (off Parchmore Road)

Thornton Heath CR7 8HQ


Date: August 15th 2015


Time: 5.30pm-9.30pm



Sexual Reminisces Book release date.


 July 4th 2015

Sexual Reminisces is available to purchase, email me on the contact page to purchase your copy. 

Rare Diamond runs a variety of workshops and services housed by Through knowledge gain power Ltd, this is a none-profitable personal development and relationship service.  For more information visit

Relationship Workshops.


When engaged in relationship individuals can address conflict in many ways but some of course work better than others. Sometimes we need to be reminded of things that we already know but somehow forget or ignore. Do you have challenges that interfere with the flow of your relationship? Trying to tackle concerns but they constantly reappear? Well we are here to lend assistance. We deliver relationship workshops, mediation and one to one sessions for couples and singles. For more information or to book a workshop space please contact us using the contact page.

© 2014 Rare Diamond

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