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📷On the journey of life we must routinely examine and monitor our state of mind in order to fish out any irrational shortcomings and/or underlying emotional scars. Emotional scars are unresolved deep-rooted mental or physical negative experiences; these scars are soul destroying and house uninviting self-destructive behaviour. As such we must look into the root of our shortcomings and learn to identify our emotional triggers. If you have a partner, encourage and support him or her to examine their emotional scars, the triggers and the root too. This research is crucial to avoid the prospect of living a life consumed with conflict, stress and communication breakdown. Emotional scars emerge via a variety of experiences, compare these examples below:

Emotional scars, current or past:

· Physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse.

· Domestic abuse – violent partners, verbal intimidation, guilt trips etc.

· Poor relationships with a close family member? This can leave deep rooted scars.

· Toxic environment? (This can leave deep rooted scars too).

· Negligence has negative consequences regardless of the avenue. Neglect is neglect! Simple!

Unfortunately, many do not acknowledge that the quality of your relationship with yourself has a profound impact on your relationships, on your state of mind, the choices you make and the actions you take. Indeed it’s clear to see that relationships and morals are losing its way and today’s family structure is paying the price.

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Very good blog

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Oh I see. But the old version was easier than this one.

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Rare Diamond
Rare Diamond
22 feb 2020

Hi J, hope all is well. in response to you query, the comments no longer exist because I upgraded my old blog and unfortunately the new blog app is not compatible with the old version comment box.

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What happened to the comments?

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