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One for the ladies.

A certified keeper

He is almost as important to me as the air that I breathe,

Whenever he is with me I feel a tad dwindled when he leaves.

Why? Because I feel so happy, secure, protected and loved,

Indeed he is a true blessing from our creator above.

He is splendid to talk to; we spend hours over the phone-

And when we are together we are like kids we can’t leave each other alone.

The level of trust and loyalty is mutually off the scales-

And we don’t allow potential minor disputes to shift over to gales.

I love his gentle, tolerant yet masculine personality,

In truth his abundance of positive skills is an undisputed reality.

I'm so intoxicated; he has me weak at the knees,

Each opportunity I have to be with him I’m tempted to seize.

He makes me feel light in the head like I'm walking on clouds,

Like I'm doing symbolic cartwheels, I want to scream YES! Out loud.

I can’t believe it; everything about him is so impressive and enticing,

No issues, no drama, no mind games, no back biting.

I feel joyful, cherished and assured, this feels so great,

My life is full of passion and adventure I think he is my chosen fate.

I have so much affection to give but not in a relationship that is hither and thither-

And he provides a safe haven so I can free my love and confidently deliver.

I believe my journey in life was to prepare me for him,

I have his heart he has mine, this relationship is a win, win, win!

Yes I’d like what we have to grow and become even deeper,

Because according to the evidence so far he is a certified keeper.

Rare Diamond

Cherish your keeper

If you have a relationship that sounds similar to the poem above, then you probably have a keeper, well done. No doubt the depth of your relationship was based upon the qualities that you and your keeper observed in each other. With this in mind is highly probable that the personality you portrayed intrigued him to be attracted to you in the first place, so please don’t attempt to transform yourself into the characteristics you think he likes, just be yourself and true to your values.

So then what can you do to ensure that you keep him?

Regular positive interaction, discussions and pampering works wonders but there must be a sensible balance while doing so, don’t stifle him.

Maintain a productive balance

A healthy relationship thrives when you recognize each other’s differences and…

When both parties can express themselves.

When there is mutual appreciation.

When you are happy together.

When you and your partner support each other.

When you make sacrifices for each other.

When you and your partner have patience towards each other.

When there is mutual protection.

When you and your partner feel love for each other.

When you and your partner feel mutual admiration.

When you and your partner spend quality time together.

When you have effective communication with each other.

When both parties exercise person responsibility and tackle challenges.

When you and your partner demonstrate forgiveness towards each other.

When you and your partner are open with each other.

When you have mutual trust.When you and your partner have fun.

When you and your partner can be yourself.

In most cases when a woman feels like she has a keeper it opens additional doors within her womanhood, as such she will be more enthused to trust, support and maintain loyalty towards her partner. There are no guarantees concerning the duration of a relationship but a woman will feel more inclined to fruitfully invest in a relationship that has an appealing compliance to her needs, values and dignity.

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