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Read about my upcoming recovery manual 'Behind The Mask'

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'Behind The Mask' is Our Voice...  because we are so broken that we need a device to speak for us. 

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'Behind the Mask' covers poor mental health and child abuse. It shares narratives by wounded souls  and childhood abuse survivors.  It gives you the raw truth! In your face! No apologies! It is what it is….


Truth is, childhood abuse is a taboo subject for those who entertain it in our communities and unfortunately these abusive violations are often played down by those in that setting, and this is across generations regardless of gender or culture.  There is an expectation of sacrificial silence imposed on the sufferer at the cost of their personal well-being and healing.


Facing the facts

  •       We must face up to the impact of child abuse.

  •       We must examine the unresolved pain playing out in our communities.

  •       We must examine how the scars manifest.

  •       We must establish coping strategies and effective techniques to recover.

Relationships, mental health and childhood trauma

The Behind The Mask book is a precious benevolence from me to you. It offers resourceful information, it assists the survivor to change their thoughts through informal cognitive therapy, advice and effective problem solving techniques.

It describes the emotions and journey’s experienced by wounded souls abuse survivors and their loved ones. The accounts place you right in the soul of the survivor’s or loved one's heart and incorporates encouragement and reinforcements for casualties during their recovery process.



My main objectives

  • To unwrap childhood abuse and the associated propensities.

  • To unveil complex mental battles and the exasperating repercussions.

  •  For child abuse survivors and their loved ones to use this aid book during their reprogramming and healing process.

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