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Rare Diamond


Greetings ladies and gentlemen welcome to my site.  My name is Rare Diamond, I am a director, poet, personal development, and relationship consultant.

I was born and raised in South London. I am the proud mother of five children, ten grandchildren. I am the author of one published book and 27 unpublished books. In addition, I have skills in public speaking, project management, programme designing, childcare, and hairdressing. For the past 26 years I have used these skills to manage a variety of relationships and personal development projects, workshops, and mentoring sessions.

My Study and Knowledge Path

Over the years, I really enjoyed studying as I was able to gain a vast amount of information and knowledge. Through my study and training, I acquired various qualifications and accreditations.

My subject area included women and management, mental health and alcohol awareness, learning disabilities, and special needs. The experience was a huge eye-opener for me and it helped me to manage my own dyslexia.  I also studied co-parenting, teenage pregnancy and domestic abuse. The insight I received was priceless especially in my line of work. Thereafter I completed my coaching, mediation and mentoring accreditation. These courses provided me with the knowledge to address personal challenges such as fear, self-confidence, distress, productive acceptance, self-destructive behaviour, violence, beneficial conduct, personal responsibility, culture, and the perils of drug abuse. As you can imagine this was very rewarding.
I also explored relationships and dynamics that nurture a loving bond. This furnished me with priceless experience, insight, and more importantly the balance I required to become an effective relationship consultant. During this phase, I wrote my book 'Black Marvelous and Proud'. Let me explain my rationale. ​
​Mum taught me to read and write before I embarked on school life. So at primary school, initially I was one of the top students in English and my experience was a heavenly bliss. However, mum, my brother and I had to move house. We soon discovered that our new area was infested with racism.

Racism and Negligence

Unlike my previous school, the children at our new school were predominantly Caucasian. It was a TRAUMATISING time for us given that we were shunned and disrespected from the first day in attendance; the other students gave us HELL on a daily basis in the presence of the teachers. I felt isolated and outraged. I began to retaliate and viewed my school as a psychological war zone.

Exclusion from school

As I mentioned earlier, I was a happy top student at my first school, yet within 4 years of attendance at my second school, I spiraled from being a top student to the bottom of the class. Consumed with the impact of rejection and neglect, nothing much changed in high school. I was hostile and despondent, In fact, I was expelled 3 times in total. The truth is, my potential was hindered needlessly, predominantly due to negligence, abuse and racism. I left the education system with no qualifications and mum was not impressed. 

A New Direction

Nonetheless, this did not completely crush my desire to excel. I ventured into the work field and became involved in community work including hairdressing, foster caring, and child-minding. I also worked as a crime prevention officer. Meanwhile, I was engaged in other pursuits in the public domain such as reciting poetry, delivering workshops, public speaking, attending classes and delivering bible studies. In addition, I was a personal development workshop assistant, and also engaged in teaching programs. So even back then I was enthusiastic to work with and support the public.


Thereafter, by chance I landed a job as an assistant in a woman's refuse center. I received extensive training, and I loved it. But the restrictions were overwhelming, I couldn't assist the clients to the extent that I desired. With my new found passion in mind, I return to education, strengthened my knowledge and so my studying period began.

Following that, in 2009 I decided to put my skills into practice, so I registered a new company called 'Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd'. Finally, I could provide a platform to support culture studies, positive relationship techniques and personal development workshops. Later in 2015, I published my book Sexual Reminisces and created this supporting platform called 'Keep the Fire Burning' Relationships and Dating. This platform is for discussion, advice, sharing information, and it provides problem-solving techniques for both couples and those who are single in the dating pool. 

R.D and Sir Dougie.jpg

Rare Diamond with Sir Dougie Williams

At: Parkview Academy, North London, March 2017

Preparing for her Change Brings Change presentation

Current Activities

At present, inspired by the COVID 19 pandemic and the devastating impact of the lockdowns, I’m about to publish a mental health book, called Wide Open Space. The narrative highlights the journey of a black woman and her mental health challenges related to her life-long abuse and traumas. It explains her pitfalls and her recovery process along with effective solutions to manage mental health problems. In addition, I deliver personal development, culture and relationship workshops, events, public talks, consultation for couples, one to one sessions, mediation, and radio presentations. I have been on numerous relationship panels; and June 2017 I won a supporting the community trophy. I also continue to write poetry, articles and create posts for people who are experiencing emotional or mental health challenges. Some of articles and posts are published on the Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd website, Keep the Fire Burning website and my Facebook pages.


Work Experience 

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